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MJets provides world-class non-scheduled private jet charters for busy travelers from business executives to Hollywood celebrities. With a fleet including the Cessna Citation Bravo, CJ3, Gulfstream G200, world, the Cessna Citation X; MJets not only links global capitals but provides maximum expediency and productivity whilst travelling as well as delivering you refreshed and relaxed to your destination. Our 24/7 multi-lingual team ensure a smooth, swift and private travel experience with personalized schedules, fest permit applications, fast-track & VIP services catering for your every need saving your valuable time and energy.

In addition, MJets also provides sub-charter brokerage worldwide finding you the best possible charter options for any aircraft type anytime, anywhere. Your frustrations with unfriendly procedures, long waits for boarding and connections, and lack of privacy from commercial flying will a thing of the past.

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Take your breath away with Blue Voyage Flight. Explore the isles of Thailand from the sky. Treat someone special to a romantic getaway or treat the whole family to a day you will never forget. Whether on a 6-seater Lo Presti, 4-Seater Siai Marchetti, or 2-Seater Pelican PL.

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