Coloring your life with blue shade of the sea. paint the new memories in Hong islands, Phi Phi islands, Kai islands, Mai Ton islands, Phang Nga Bay


Coloring your life with blue shade of the sea. paint the new memories in Hong islands, Phi Phi islands, Kai islands, Mai Ton islands, Phang Nga Bay

Blue Voyage Thailand yacht charter section where we are pleased to offer an exclusive range of boats which we hope are able to satisfy your criteria for boat regards to budget, size, and preference that you may desire for a pleasant and memorable experience.

Here at Blue Voyage Thailand we are devoted to excellence and it is our job to guarantee you a pleasant and memorable experience tailored to your desires.

Should you have any specific requests regarding food and drinks preferences or supplementary equipments on board including snorkeling gears or fishing rods, please do not hesitate to let us know.



Krabi Islands
There are 130 bigger and smaller islands in the Andaman Sea near Krabi. Some of them are part of the national parks of Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi. The bigger islands Koh Lanta, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Jum and Koh Ngai (Hai) are inhabited and have beach resorts. The island of Koh Ngai, will not be described here, because it belongs to the islands of Trang geographically ( But we will describe both islands of Koh Yao, which belongs to the province of Phangna, for the same reason
Hong Islands
Hong Island is located in Phang Nga Bay, around 30 minutes by speed boat from the east coast of Phuket. The island gets its name, which means ROOM” in Thai, due to the fact that the centre of the island is hollow so there are room-like chambers. These hongs are completely cut off from the outside world and can only be accessed by paddling through sea caves using sea canoes. There are a number of tour operators who organise daily trips from Phuket where you can explore the magic of the hongs and sea caves.
Phi Phi Islands
Along with it's spectacular scenery, Phi Phi Island is packed with great snorkeling spots, stunning beaches, and was also the location where Leonardo DiCaprio filmed "The Beach". Visit Maya Bay, cruise by the Viking cave and visit all the landmarks that make these islands so famous. We recommenned having lunch on the beach with movie-like views in the background and top it off with some snorkeling at Bamboo Island to end your tour of this hidden gem.
Kai Islands
Khai Islands are located 10 km east of Phuket. It consists of three small islands. Khai Nok Island has a beautiful white beach with crystal clear turquoise water. Plenty of tropical fish are swimming around in the shallow water waiting to be fed, great for the kids. Khai Nai Island is the biggest island and has a beautiful white beach with crystal clear emerald green water good for swimming and snorkeling. Khai Nui Island is the smallest island and hosts colorful coral reefs providing excellent snorkeling.
Mai Ton Islands
We offers an exclusive day trip to the newly discovered paradise known as Koh Mai Ton. Situated 9 km from the south coast of Phuket, is heaven on earth surrounded by the crystal clear blue ocean; It's virginity is unmatched. Not only was it previously forbidden for visitors for more than 10 years, one can only imagine how fresh and captivating this island could be. Be the first to immerse in the never before seen reefs and swim among million fishes of many species underwater. "Maldives of Thailand" is the closest depiction of this unforeseen wonder.
Phang Nga Bay is without a doubt one of Thailand's most fascinating landscape. A leisurely day trip crusing through the exquisite limestone islands, constantly pulling over on your demand, whether it be to relax on peaceful quiet beaches; or take a more daring route into exploring perplexing caves.